Assistant Professor of Computer Science & Engineering
Assistant Professor of Genome Sciences
Adjunct Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering
University of Washington

PhD Stanford University, 2009
MS Stanford University, 2003
BS Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology, 2001

Rm 536, Paul G. Allen Center (CSE)
S243C, Foege Building (GS)
suinlee AT

Research Interests:  computational biology, genomic medicine, and machine learning. 

Short Bio: Professor Su-In Lee is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Science & Engineering and the Department of Genome Sciences at the University of Washington.  Before joining the UW in 2010, she was a visiting professor in the Lane Center for Computational Biology at Carnegie Mellon University.   


Recent talks: 
  1. University of California, San Diego.  Bioinformatics and Systems Biology (BISB) Seminar, September 2016.  (upcoming)
  2. Johns Hopkins University, Institute for Computational Medicine Distinguished Speaker Series, September 2016.  (upcoming)
  3. Carnegie Mellon University, Computational Biology Seminar, September 2016.  (upcoming) 
  4. Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, Special Cell Circuits & Epigenomics Seminar, June 2016.
  5. Broad Institute, Models, Inference & Algorithms Seminar, June 2016.  
  6. Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Center for Functional Cancer Epigenetics (CFCE) Seminar, June 2016.
  7. University of California, Los Angeles, Bioinformatics Seminar, May 2016.  
  8. Institute for Systems Biology, April 2016.
  9. Gladstone Institutes/UCSF, Convergence Seminar, April 2016.
  10. University of California, Berkeley, April 2016.
  11. University of Washington, Machine Learning Lunch Seminar, April 2016.
  12. Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, March 2016.
  13. The Mt. Sinai Hospital, Genetics and Genomic Sciences, March 2016.
  14. University of California, Santa Cruz, Cancer Genomics Seminar, February 2016.
  15. Stanford University, Center for Cancer Systems Biology Seminar Series, January 2016.
  16. SickKids Research Institute/U of Toronto, Scientific Talk, November 2015.