Course Information

CSE 590C is a weekly seminar on Readings and Research in Computational Biology, open to all graduate students in computational, biological, and mathematical sciences.

  • When/Where: Mondays, 3:30 - 4:50, ECE 042 (room info)
  • Organizers: Su-In Lee, Bill Noble
  • Credit: 1-3 Variable
  • Grading: Credit/No Credit. Talk to the organizers if you are unsure of our expectations.


  • 1/6 Organizational meeting
  • 1/13 [Ayse] [Su-In]

A deep learning framework for predicting response to therapy in cancer [link]

  • 1/20 Martin Luther King Day
  • 1/27 [Aishwarya] [Bill]

Challenges in proteogenomics: a comparison of analysis methods with the case study of the DREAM proteogenomics sub-challenge [link]

  • 2/3 [Vanessa] [Bill]

Accuracy, robustness and scalability of dimensionality reduction methods for single-cell RNA-seq analysis [link]

  • 2/10 [Erin; Alyssa] [Yuliang]

Representation learning of genomic sequence motifs with convolutional neural networks [link]

  • 2/17 Presidents Day
  • 2/24 [Alenna] [Su-In]

Interpreting pathways to discover cancer driver genes with Moonlight [link]

  • 3/2 [Natalia] [Yuliang]

NicheNet: modeling intercellular communication by linking ligands to target genes [link]

  • 3/9 [Gabe; Max] [Su-In]


Note on electronic access to journals: The UW Library is generally a paid subscriber to non-open-access journals we cite. You can freely access these articles from on-campus computers. For off-campus access, look at the library "proxy server" instructions. You will be prompted for your UW net ID and password.

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