We are a group of passionate researchers consisting of CSE Ph.D. students, and MSTP (M.D./Ph.D.) students pursuing a Ph.D. in computer science.  Our lab is interdisciplinary with backgrounds ranging from computer science, statistics, and mathematics to molecular & cell biology and clinical medicine interested in advancing (A) AI/ML, (B) Basic biology, and (C) Clinical medicine & healthcare.  The research done by each of us often sits at the intersection of A, B, and C (e.g., A-B or A-C).  Our current collaborators include biological and clinical scientists at UW Emergency Medicine, Stanford Dermatology, Harvard Medical School, UW Laboratory Medicine & Pathology, and Allen Institute for brain science.

Graduation party (2023)  Seo-Yoon, Wei, Chanwoo, Ming, Soham, Chris, Ian, Nicasia, Su-In, Ethan, and Joe

Pandemic graduation ceremony in Lee Lab style (2021) Joe, Hugh, Wei, Nicasia, Su-In, Gabe, Alex, and Ethan

To Prospective Lab members

Prof. Lee receives a large volume of emails asking about how to join her AIMS Lab.  If you are a student who wants to be admitted to the Allen School, please check out our website.  If you're already admitted to our PhD program, the MSTP (MD/PhD) program, or others, or if you want to join as a postdoctoral researcher in the Lee Lab, please do the followings before contacting Prof. Lee: please watch Prof. Lee's recent talks, read our recent papers. Please also sign up for CSE 527 or any other course Prof. Lee teaches, which is generally required to officially join the lab because you will learn the knowledge needed to do AIMS lab's research.

Current Members

Gabriel Erion, PhD, MD

MD/CSE PhD (MSTP) student

Graduated in June 2021 and now back to MD program

Nicasia Beebe-Wang

CSE PhD student

Ian Covert 

CSE PhD student

Hugh Chen

CSE PhD student

Joseph D. Janizek

MD/CSE PhD (MSTP) student  

Graduated in June 2022 and now back to MD program

Wei Qiu 

CSE PhD student

Ethan Weinberger 

CSE PhD student

Alex DeGrave

MD/PhD (MSTP) student 

Chris Lin

CSE PhD student

Chanwoo Kim

CSE PhD student 

Mingyu Lu, MD

CSE PhD student

Soham Gadgil

CSE PhD student

Seo-Yoon Moon

Ugrad student (Seoul National University)

Joseph Ahn, MD

Clinical fellow 

Patrick Yu

CSE PhD student

Ria Kaeberlein

Ugrad student

Previous Members

Benjamin Logsdon, PhD 

Director of Neurodegenerative Research

Sage Bionetworks 

Safiye Celik, PhD

Senior AI Researcher

Benevolent AI 

Scott Lundberg, PhD

Senior Researcher

Microsoft Research

Ezgi Mercan, PhD

(Co-advised with Linda Shapiro).

Postdoc at Seattle Children's Hospital

Parmita Mehta, PhD

CSE PhD candidate

(Co-advisee; Primary advisor: Magda Balazinska)

Javad Hosseini

Former CSE PhD student

(now at University of Edinburgh)

Ryan Bernstein

CSE Ugrad RA (2015-2016)

PhD student in Prof. Erlich's lab

Will Chen

CSE undergraduate student

(CSE direct admit)