Explainable AI for Computational Biology and Medicine

Our lab develops various computational biology approaches using AI and ML for a broad spectrum of applications from basic biology to bedside applications, in addition to fundamental AI and machine learning research.

Research keywords:

  • Computational biology & medicine - precision medicine, systems biology, & genetics

  • Machine learning - explainable AI, interpretability, feature selection, & probabilistic graphical models

Recent Invited Talks: Stanford University (upcoming), Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health (upcoming), Harvard/MGH Center for Systems Biology (upcoming), CMU Machine Learning Seminar Series (upcoming), Computational Genomics Summer Institute, MIT Bioinformatics Seminar (May 2019), UCLA Bioinformatics Seminar, Keynote Speech at Northwest Database Society meeting (talk), Keynote Speech at AAAI workshop, Precision Medicine World Conference 2019, and more

Selected Talks

AI & Precision Medicine - UW Medicine "Science in Medicine" lecture

Interpretable ML in Precision Medicine - UW AI Seminar

Interpretable Machine Learning for Precision Medicine

  • Selected as the best talk at Computational Genomics Winter Institute (CGWI) 2018