Alzheimer's disease therapeutic target

  • Our EMBARKER project on identifying therapeutic targets for Alzheimer's disease won the Madrona Prize at the Allen School 2018 Industry Affiliates Annual Research Day.
    • GeekWire - From fighting Alzheimer’s to AR captions, UW computer science students show cutting-edge innovations
    • BusinessWire - Madrona Awards 2018 Madrona Prize to UW Project That Applies Machine Learning to Fighting Alzheimer’s Disease


Scott M. Lundberg, Bala Nair, Monica S. Vavilala, Mayumi Horibe, Michael J. Eisses, Trevor Adams, David E. Liston, Daniel King-Wai Low, Shu-Fang Newman, Jerry Kim, and Su-In Lee*. Explainable machine learning predictions to help anesthesiologists prevent hypoxemia during surgery. [Paper] Nature BME 2, 749–760 (2018) - Featured on the Cover

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Alzheimer's disease therapeutic target