Selected Invited Talks:   

2023 - Keynote speech at Explainability in Biological Data (ICML workshop), U.S. FDA, Stanford DBDS Colloquia, NSF/NIH (Foundational AI in Biology), etc.

2022 -  Keynote speech at ISMB (MLCSB track), Keynote speech at UW School of Dentistry’s Research Day, Keynote speech at Boston University Graduate Program in Bioinformatics Symposium, American Aging Association Annual Meeting (May), The AI Health Podcast, Distinguished lecturer series (Genentech), Amazon Science Hub, U.S. NASEM

2021 - LMRL (Learning Meaningful Representations of Life) 2021, Stanford University Biomedical Informatics Research Colloquia (November), Keynote speech at The KOCSEA Technical Symposium (November), Distinguished Speaker Series, Data Science Institute at Columbia University (March), VIP Speaker Seminar at MD Anderson (June), Columbia University Neuroimmunology Division Seminar (May), Morgan Stanley Quantitative Academic (May), Johns Hopkins Medical School (April), Biology of Aging Speaker Series, UW (April), NIH NHGRI Machine Learning in Genomics (April), American Cancer Society Symposium (March), University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus (Jan)

2020 - Fulcrum (Dec), Biogen (Oct), Keynote speech at RECOMB/ISCB Regulatory and Systems Genomics Conference with Dream Challenges (RSGDREAM), Duke University, Inaugural seminar for the Pitt-CMU seminar series on Machine Learning in Medicine, Stanford University Center for Cancer Systems Biology Seminar (Jan), CMU Machine Learning Seminar Series (Jan)

2019 - Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, Harvard/MGH Center for Systems Biology, Computational Genomics Summer Institute, MIT Bioinformatics Seminar (May), UCLA Bioinformatics Seminar, Keynote Speech at Northwest Database Society meeting (talk), Keynote Speech at AAAI workshop, Precision Medicine World Conference 2019, and more